March 19, 2016

eco-printing with blackberry leaves (again...)

It's been a while since my last post. I wish I could say it's because I've been so busy creating, but to be honest life wasn't treating me very well the last couple of weeks. I've been tired and lazy. I know a professional blog is supposed to use positive writing, and personal problems shouldn't necessarily be mentioned.

March 8, 2016

eco-printing on paper - N°2

Another eco-print on watercolor paper. (Here is N°1) I used blackberry leaves and privet berries. No mordants were used for this print.

Here are some details

March 7, 2016

red onion skins - experimenting with mordants

In a previous post I talked about my first eco-printing experience, where I tried, among other things, ecoprinting with red onion skins. I quickly mentioned that the beautiful pink changed after dipping the fabric into iron and alum mordant. I thought maybe you're interested in how the colors transformed. It's a pity the wide color range right after opening the bundle was gone after the mordant baths. 

Just after opening the bundle

After dipping the fabric into the mordants. Hello disappointment.

March 6, 2016

eco-printing on paper - N°1

Because my first real eco-printing attempt was such a success, I was very motivated to try it again: This time on paper. I put a layer of plant material on a sheet of paper and repeated this process until I  had a nice little stack - about 12 times. I steamed the stack for about an hour and dipped some sheets into alum mordant, some into iron mordant, and some into vinegar. The results were SO different, depending on the mordant and the paper I used. This one for example had an iron afterbath. Because it's winter, I didn't have lots of different plants to choose from. All I had were privet berries, blackberry leaves and a pine branch. The berry-print turned into a beautiful blue after the iron dip! Little by little I will post the other sheets of eco-printed paper.

I put together a collection of some details. 
The second image shows the imprint of the pine branch.

March 2, 2016

sample - winter leftovers

A few days ago I talked about the weird weather changes we are experiencing this year. The sample I made today gives you a good impression of the color mood around our house. Kind of depressing, don't you think? Here and there you can still find a bit of snow. But most of it is gone. I'm looking forward to spring and it's delicate and fresh color palette. For this sample I used some wool of the brown mountain sheep, and a thin layer of white Kap merino. The fabric square is from a cotton "Malhafa", the traditional clothing of women from the Sahrawi society

brown mountain sheep wool, white kap merino wool, cotton fabric

March 1, 2016

felted scarf with (almost antique) linen fibers

Two years ago, when my husband and I got married, I got something very precious from my grandmother: Linen fibers! Not so special you may think, but let me tell you about them: The clothes they were wearing when my grandmother was young, were made out of flax plants they cultivated themselves on their farm. Linen is extremly laborious to manufacture. If you're interetsed you can read about the whole process here. The linen fibers I got from her are still leftovers from her childhood.

February 29, 2016

sample- imitating nature - snow spheres

It is snowing again. The weather changes are so weird this year! 16°C and sun one day, freezing cold and snowing the next day. I wouldn't mind, if it spared me from those headaches. When leaving the house today everything was covered in white again. So I thought this sample I made some time ago fits todays mood. The wool I used is from the Tiroler Bergschaf. Pretty rough wool, but it works really well.

Tiroler Bergschaf wool

If you have a spare minute you can read here about my passion for felt samples.

February 28, 2016

treasury pouch - bacteria

I made another treasury pouch. For this one I used some hand dyed cotton gauze and black merino wool. The piece of fabric stitched to the backside is some hand dyed bourette silk leftover. It took a bath in the same dyeing pot as the wool I used for this wall-hanging. The yellow button is made out of bamboo. I like the color combination of teal, yellow and rusty dusky pink (not sure what's the best name for this color...).

February 25, 2016

scarf - blue lagoon

I got some turquois cotton fabric from a very good friend this summer. It looks and feels very luxurious, almost like heavy silk! It's so shiny and smooth. I wasn't sure if it's going to work for nuno felting at first, but when making a sample all my doubts faded. I was very surprised how quickly the wool connected with the densly woven fabric. I couldn't help adding some stitching and 2 pieces of hand-dyed wool etamine leftovers to the finished scarf. 

February 24, 2016

color of the day - rain in Paris

I lived in Paris for 3 years. I have some good memories about that time. Summer pic-nics with friends, a cinema next door, riding the velib' regardless of the weather, great concerts, museum visits, beatuiful people, busy flea markets and the city-flare are just a few things I miss about Paris. But I have to admit that I'm glad I don't live there anymore. I felt creatively trapped in our 35m² appartement - not able to realize all those ideas I had in mind. Extremely frustrating! And I don't know about you, but from my experience the less I do, the less I want to do, the less I do. Because I couldn't create due to the lack of space I lost inspiration little by little. When moving to Austria, it took some time to regain motivation and inspiration. I needed to force myself to just start doing anything, no matter what! Gladly it worked and the passion which I thought had been lost came back. 

What came out of the dyeing pot today reminded me of Paris. It's strange and magical how colors have the ability to stir up moods and memories. 

hand dyed silk fibers, color inspiration found on tumblr