December 27, 2015

deep blue

I love dyeing! Most of the time I try to create a specific color. Usually I succeed but sometimes I don't. Which doesn't mean I don't like the outcome! It already happend that the result is even more beautiful than the colors I desired (... and vice versa...). I use acid dyes, which are considered eco-friendly "low impact dyes". I always use them in the correct proportion to the fibers, so all the color is taken up by the fibers and the water is completely clear afterwards. Most of the time I dye my fibers in a dyeing pot where I can control the heat. Thats important to keep the wool smooth and intact. When I need just a little amount of fibers in a specific color, I sometimes dye them in an old microwave. This technique works just fine as well, but it's hard to avoid boilig and the wool fibers may not be as smooth.

bourette, wild silk, silk fibers, merino wool

December 26, 2015


Hello world! This is my 3rd attempt to start a blog. Well I set up the other 2 blogs, but I lost interest in updating them very quickly. I hope it's different this time. There are a lot of blogs I read regularly and let me tell you, owner of a blog: I envy you for the beautiful visual diary you ceated! That's what I want my blog to be: a visual diary of the things I create. I like to do different kinds of crafts like embroidery/free stitching, sewing, dying, eco-printing and especially felting. I have to admit that I'm not very patient when it comes to writing, so I may not write a lot. My English is far from perfect and I could write in German, which would be a lot easier and faster, but then I couldn't be part of the great English speaking community on the www. Anyway, it's a good excercise. :)