December 26, 2015


Hello world! This is my 3rd attempt to start a blog. Well I set up the other 2 blogs, but I lost interest in updating them very quickly. I hope it's different this time. There are a lot of blogs I read regularly and let me tell you, owner of a blog: I envy you for the beautiful visual diary you ceated! That's what I want my blog to be: a visual diary of the things I create. I like to do different kinds of crafts like embroidery/free stitching, sewing, dying, eco-printing and especially felting. I have to admit that I'm not very patient when it comes to writing, so I may not write a lot. My English is far from perfect and I could write in German, which would be a lot easier and faster, but then I couldn't be part of the great English speaking community on the www. Anyway, it's a good excercise. :)

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