January 29, 2016

pencil case - raw wool from the Jura-sheep

Another small treasury pouch, which can be used as a pencil case. The wool is from the Jura-sheep. A farmer who lives about 6 km away owns a few of those beautiful sheep. The wool felts extremly well and I love the raw look of it.

January 23, 2016

color of the day - mediterranean sea

I'm not a summer person, but I'm a holiday person! There is a huge difference! I hate being in a city during summer, I don't like working when it's hot outside. But I love traveling (to a place with water to jump in). This old polaroid, I took a few years ago during a summer vacation in the south of France. I stayed one month in Toulouse with the man who is now my husband. One day we went on a roadtrip to the mediterranean sea. We didn't take the highway, but idyllic small roads. We stopped to pick up some fresh grapes, which we ate in the car, windows down, enjoying the wind on our sunburned skin, listening to cocorosie. Those memories keep me warm on a cold day like today.

January 20, 2016

color of the day - khaki with red

This piece of bourette silk is an example of a not wanted not expected outcome. I wanted a brownish shade but instead it's khaki with some red. One of the reasons why it's so far away from the desired color is, that I already mixed the red powder with water a few weeks ago. The red liquid turned into a clotty jelly that didn't mix well with the other colours. I can't say I don't like the result though. 

bourette silk

January 12, 2016

ocean blue treasury pouch

This small treasury pouch was made with the dyed wool from the previous post. It's nuno felted with a piece of unbleached linen cheese cloth and sewn together with hemp thread. Stitching on felt is really meditative by the way. I believe the wooden 'button' is a leftover from a necklace. Because of my inability to throw anything away, that may be useful some day, I kept this little guy for ages in one of my little boxes. Since I was a kid I loved small bags and recipients to put my stuff in. I have a fairly big collection at home. Most of them are empty though. I don't possess enough treasuries to fill them.

hand dyed blue wool, unbleached linen cheese cloth, wooden button, hemp thread