February 18, 2016

a colorful scarf

You may have noticed by now, that I don't use many colors in my projects. I can't quite explain why. I like colorful pieces of art, crafts and clothing made by other people, and colors play an important role in my personal life, but for my projects I have some kind of blockage when it comes to using a lot of different colors at once. No idea where this comes from! If you count black as a color, I usually use about 1-3 colors in one project. 
The day I made this scarf I sort of longed for colors. It felt like a chocolate-craving, only that it wasn't chocolate I was craving, but colors. I didn't think upfront what colors I was going to use but just let myself go. I was spontaneous! It was fun, but to be honest, I was a little bit stressed all the time, constantly asking myself if the colors fit together. In the end I was very pleased with the result! I experienced that letting myself go colorwise spured my creativity. I hope to become braver in the future, because honestly - what's the worst that can happen? That I don't like the result? Well, it happend before. I'll get over it.
The scarf is nuno-felted and the fabrics are all dyed by myself. I used some green cotton gauze, purple pongé silk and orange chiffon silk. The wool I used was mostly hand dyed merino wool. I stitched some linen and cotton fabrics to the scarf afterwards.

hand-dyed wool, hand-dyed silk, cotton fabric, linen fabric, hemp thread

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