February 1, 2016

scarf - amethyst

A long time ago, I dyed some old cotton fabrics with the "Dylon - Antique grey" dye. Out of curiosity I threw in a piece of white pongé silk. While the cotton fabric turned to a beautiful greenish grey, the silk came out purple. Purple is my least favorite color, so I was not very pleased. I have a big stack of light fabrics, perfect for nuno felting, at home. Mostly cotton, but also silk and linen. Some of those fabrics are so pretty, that I don't dare using them. I'm just too scared to mess them up. Usually I make felting samples before starting a piece, but with a lot of fabrics I have just enough for one project but not for samples. Same with this piece of silk. But because I don't like purple, I wasn't scared to create something with it. I used some very soft black merino wool, some hand dyed blue and green wool, and a very small amount of orange wool, just enough to create one fringe. I'm so happy with the result! In combination with the black wool, I even like the purple. The scarf is extremly soft and smooth on the skin and has a lot of funky fringes.

dyed pongé silk, hand dyed merino wool, black merino wool, a tiny bit of orange merino wool

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