February 23, 2016

sample - imitating nature - pebble

Did I already talk about how much I love felt samples? Well, I do! Over time I have accumulated a huge amount of samples! They help me understand the properties of different kinds of wool, fabrics and fibers. Before starting a bigger project, I need them to calculate the shrinkage, the amount of wool and to determine the quality I want. Sometimes I just do a sample for fun (or to procrastinate a project). I have about 15 other samples where I tried to recreate the surface and texture of a stone. Every sample is different, none of them is perfect, but I don't mind. Those small projects are not about the result. I see them as some kind of inspirational relaxation-excercise with a learning factor. They are about engaging with the subject, reflecting about the approach and experimentation. When I have no inspiration, making a sample helps me finding it again. I always take notes, but because I'm not very organised I never know in which of my many notebooks I wrote them. Still I learn from every piece.

For this sample I used different kinds of undyed, natural wool and an unbleached linen cheese cloth.

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