February 13, 2016

nuno felted poncho

This is probably the biggest felting project I did so far. Here is a link to the pattern that inspired me. I used black merino wool and hand dyed black silk fibers as well as thin black and beige crinkled cotton fabric. It took me a few hours to cut out and stitch together the black and beige cotton stripes. But it was worth the work, because then I didn't have to pay attention if everything stayed in place during felting. Even though I did a few samples, the hardest part was to guess at what stage during the felting process, with how much distance and in what size to cut the button holes.
I did a rather good job with the distance, but even though I used a ruler to cut the holes (I cut 3cm slits midway through felting), in the end only some holes have the desired length of 1,5cm. Some are slightly smaller, and some have a length of 2cm. That's why I had to stich around each button hole with a linen thread. Altogether there are 22 holes. Quite some work, which was really worth it - it looks pretty, the holes have all the same size and they are a lot more resistant now. I found the buttons at a flea market in Paris and I still have two bags of each color. No idea what I will do with all of them. The poncho is very warm and not as heavy as it looks on the pictures - I only used 150g of wool for the whole piece.

beige cotton fabric, black cotton fabric, black merino wool, hand dyed black silk fibers, black and beige buttons, linen thread

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