February 11, 2016

color of the day - black

From my experience dyeing black with acid dye is not so easy. My first attempts were really disappointing. I just couldn't get rid of the purple shade. I told you here that I always use dye in the correct proportion to the fiber - usually 50ml of liquid dye for 100g of fiber. Well, not with black. I figured that I need more dye to get a deep black color. I think the ratio is about 1,5:2 instead of 1:2. As you can see, it worked really well for the silk fibers. The bourette fabric, was pre-dyed in a yellow tone, knotted up shibori style, and thrown into the dye pot as well. You can't really tell from the picture, but believe me, it became a beautiful black too. There is a catch though: The fibers didn't soak up all the color from the pot, so the water wasn't clear in the end. I decided to throw in another piece of wool, with a squint of vinegar. The result is some light grey. Maybe I'll show you someday. 

silk fibers and bourette 

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