February 15, 2016

wall-bag N°1 - blue moon

Wall-bags are my favorite felting projects! I don't know if it's because making them is so much fun or because of how much I like felt (and other fabrics) on walls. Probably both. I believe that they, even more than paper (may it be prints, drawings, paintings, photographs) take away the cold and empty feeling of walls and give a cosy, homey touch to the room. The functional side is rather secondary, because you can't fit a lot of stuff into them. But I still like to have the option to use it as a wall-storage for tiny things. 
The left side is felted with some hand dyed merino wool. I made one large piece, fold it in half and stitched it together with an hemp thread, keeping out 2 areas for the pockets. I cut the slits after the stitching. For the right side I used black kap merino wool. If you want a soft and smooth surface, but a very stiff felt, kap merino is your choice of wool! It felts so well, and shrinks so quickly! Just watch the amount of water and soap you use - because if you use too much of both, you may experience the wool "running away", and your project getting bigger instead of smaller. For the blue half-circle I used some hand dyed schappe-silk fibers. They look like a batch of wool, but are a little bit softer and shinier. For the border of the half-circle, I cut about a dozen pieces of linen thread, and fixed them by stitching around with a hemp thread. I tried as hard as I could to create an even line, but it got quite bumpy. The texture is very interesting though. For the big blue pocket I used the bourette silk I dyed earlier

hand dyed bourette, hand dyed wool, hand dyed schappe silk, linen thread

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