March 1, 2016

felted scarf with (almost antique) linen fibers

Two years ago, when my husband and I got married, I got something very precious from my grandmother: Linen fibers! Not so special you may think, but let me tell you about them: The clothes they were wearing when my grandmother was young, were made out of flax plants they cultivated themselves on their farm. Linen is extremly laborious to manufacture. If you're interetsed you can read about the whole process here. The linen fibers I got from her are still leftovers from her childhood.
She told me already many times how tedious the whole procedure was. She especially hated spinning the fibers. Apparently they dipped the fabric in cow urine and put it outside for a few weeks to bleach it. My mom still has some of those fabrics. Maybe now you understand, why those fibers are so special to me. As with everything whereof I have little or that is valuable to me, I'm scared of wasting it. I already talked about this problem here. After a tiny sample, I finally overcame my fear and made this scarf. The scarf is very light and I think it looks very masculine. I absolutely love the curly and shiny texture of the linen fibers connected to the wool. I used some red and black merino wool, and some hand dyed merino wool. (Same wool I used to create some of the fringes of this scarf.)

hand dyed wool, linen fibers cultivated and manufactured by my grandmother

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