March 6, 2016

eco-printing on paper - N°1

Because my first real eco-printing attempt was such a success, I was very motivated to try it again: This time on paper. I put a layer of plant material on a sheet of paper and repeated this process until I  had a nice little stack - about 12 times. I steamed the stack for about an hour and dipped some sheets into alum mordant, some into iron mordant, and some into vinegar. The results were SO different, depending on the mordant and the paper I used. This one for example had an iron afterbath. Because it's winter, I didn't have lots of different plants to choose from. All I had were privet berries, blackberry leaves and a pine branch. The berry-print turned into a beautiful blue after the iron dip! Little by little I will post the other sheets of eco-printed paper.

I put together a collection of some details. 
The second image shows the imprint of the pine branch.

(do you also see a person pierced by an huge arrow standing under a gigantic tulip?)

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