March 7, 2016

red onion skins - experimenting with mordants

In a previous post I talked about my first eco-printing experience, where I tried, among other things, ecoprinting with red onion skins. I quickly mentioned that the beautiful pink changed after dipping the fabric into iron and alum mordant. I thought maybe you're interested in how the colors transformed. It's a pity the wide color range right after opening the bundle was gone after the mordant baths. 

Just after opening the bundle

After dipping the fabric into the mordants. Hello disappointment.


  1. Came by to say, "HI" and found this very useful tip about red onion skins....
    I haven't dyed with them much [usually use brown skins] and never have I attained the colors in your first photo - now I know why! Iron. So many thanks for that. And my, what a lovely blog you have ... lots of eye treats over here ;>))

  2. Hi Nancy! Thank you for your kind words! I wonder if the pink color changes as well over time without using mordants... I'll try another time. Oh, and I can only return the compliment about the blog! :)

  3. Twas me .... Christi ;>))

    I'll give the red ones another try this spring, too - will let you know what I discover. Generally, have found the gold onion skins to be extremely stable ... but then again, reds/pinks in the rest of the plant world can be quite iffy. But I do love a good mystery!

    1. Oh my.. CHRISTI of course. sorry! I'm already looking forward to reading about your experiences with red onion skins. :)